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3-2-1: My Quick Social Media Strategy

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I’ve been using this strategy for social media management for a few months now, and have found it to be extremely helpful. It has proven to be effective with all of the companies I’ve used it for. I call it 3-2-1. It’s quick, easy, and can all be set up in advance as to allow more time for other strategies.

3 Tweets

Set up 3 tweet updates to go out during the most high volume traffic times. I usually prefer 9am, 12pm, and 5pm, which are good times because it’s when people are usually checking their Twitter; as soon as they get to work, during lunch, and when they’re off from work. Schedule these tweets using programs like Hootsuite, Cotweet, or Socialoomph. You can set them to go out daily, which is what I suggest.

2 Facebook Updates

Plan to post some links, photos, or other types of multimedia content on Facebook twice a day. Some people check their Facebook less often than their Twitter because it’s not exactly real time, even with the live feed. People update their Facebook status less often than Twitter. Try to position these posts around 10am and 4pm. Make it worthy of being on someone’s news feed. I suggest clickable/shareable content like videos, but it’s not necessary.

1 Blog Post

Yes, daily. People tend to forget about you when you don’t update regularly. Try to have engaging content rolling out on a regular basis. You can have a major brainstorm session weekly and set up your blog posts for the week to roll out when you’d like, which I suggest. Don’t forget to include valuable SEO in your posts. I like WordPress because you can also schedule your blog posts in advance.

These are basic steps that I suggest doing daily. WARNING: this should not be the only strategy in your social media game plan. This is simply to keep your customers and visitors engaged on a daily basis. Try it out. It’s a little less time consuming if you do it all at once in the beginning of the week. Take a chunk out of your Sunday evening to get these things rolling for the week ahead. Don’t be a robot about it though. Ask engaging questions, and follow up with the answers at a later time during the day. This does not substitute true engagement with your customers.

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