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Microwave Twitter: Beginner’s Guide

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“What’s all this Twitter hype about?”

That’s what your friends and family are asking you. They don’t know what you or the news is talking about, but now they want in. How can an advance user explain to beginners how Twitter works? Here’s some basic terminology and steps for first timers, quick and easy.

Twitter: Social networking site where people share their thoughts, ideas, and happenings in 140 characters or less

Twitter handle: Screen name

@ or @mention: How you direct a tweet to someone else’s Twitter handle

DM: Direct message; a private message between 1 user and another

Followers: People who want to receive your updates

Following: People who you’re interested in receiving updates from

Timeline: Where the updates of the people you’re following appear

RT: Re-tweet; “forwarding” someone else’s update to your followers

#hashtag: A method of tracking keywords or trending topics

#TT: Trending topics; 10 topics that a lot of people are tweeting about simultaneously

Twitter jail: When you’ve tweeted too much, exceeding the limit available in an hour

Fail whale: A graphic of a Twitter whale when the site is experiencing technical difficulties

Twitpic: Tweeting a photo

Twitvid: Tweeting a video

Verified: Confirmation that a celebrity’s Twitter handle is truly them and not a fraud

Unfollow: When you stop receiving someone’s updates

Twitlonger: For long winded folks who can’t fit it all in with a 140 character limit

Those are the basics. Get your friends and family involved and show them tweeting isn’t that hard.

*WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Twitter is possibly addicting and can consume waking moments

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