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Social Studies: How Companies Can Cater to Their Leads

The Open Web: Identity is the Platform.
Image by Matthew Burpee via Flickr

Marketing has changed drastically over the past few years. Less outbound, more inbound. Less paper, more digital. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to turn leads into customers or clients in the most time and cost effective way. Here are some simple steps on how businesses can get the attention of their prospects.

  1. Identify your target demographic: Seems basic enough, but a lot of companies don’t know who they are trying to attract. In some cases, “anyone” is a typical answer. Once you figure out who your product/service will benefit most, you’ll narrow your focus.
  2. Find where your demographic is in the social web: Where are your potential customers online? There’s a lot of social networks out there. Don’t utilize all of them immediately. See where your target demographic hangs out online and start there. No need to have 30 social networks if most of them aren’t garnering results.
  3. Connect with the people: Don’t become Dr. Robotnik (oh the good ol’ days); show that you’re a real person. Even if you schedule status updates to roll out automatically, tailor them to be personable. Make a real connection.
  4. Questions, comments, concerns: Address them all. If your customers are mentioning your company or your field, be the knight in shining armor. Come to their rescue and get them answers..
  5. Guiding light: Lead them to your user friendly website. Don’t use social networks as your base; you want traffic coming to your site. Be sure there are links to your website and double check that your website answers FAQs and makes it easy to execute an action plan.

There should be a designated person (or people) to execute these tasks, but it should be a company-wide plan. Don’t exclude anyone who wants to participate. Encourage participation, and delegate when necessary.

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