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iPad Homicide Investigation: Sony Dash Named Tablet of Interest

Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Courtesy of CrunchGear.com

The iPad homicide investigation continues as we try to uncover who or what will eliminate Apple in the tablet game. Sony Dash has been named the latest tablet of interest.

Suspect Profile

Name: Dash
Manufacturer: Sony
Type of tablet: Personal Internet Viewer

Things the Sony Dash Brings to the table:

  • Entertainment apps: Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, and Slacker
  • Social networking at your fingertips: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail
  • Perfect for moms: access to Cozi calendar app to manage varying family schedules, traffic and weather reports before the kids head off to school, and recipes from the Martha Stewart app
  • The coolest alarm clock ever: waking up to internet radio, online video, or whatever else will put you in a good mood that day.
  • Other apps that you may need like getting your daily news and sports fix
  • Also acts as a digital picture frame, accessing your Photobucket
  • 7″ LCD screen
  • Built in speakers & headphone jacket
  • All for the low price of $199.99

Investigators are interviewing those close to the suspect.

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