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iPad Homicide Investigation: Netbook #1 Suspect

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Everyone is buzzing about Apple’s iPad and there’s new talks about Google and Verizon joining forces to create a tablet as well. My iPad homicide investigation continues as I have found the #1 suspect: my very own netbook.

Sure there’s other actual tablets in the works, and ereaders were at the bottom of the food chain, but I believe that my netbook has killed Apple’s new kid off.

I’ve been using Google Chrome for a while, and it has yet to disappoint me. It’s is an extremely fast web browser, and also has great things called Extensions. No, I’m not talking about synthetic hair. Google Chrome’s extensions are like apps on your iPhone. If you have a need, there’s an extension for that.

Utilizing Extensions to my advantage, I am able to have just as much fun using my mini computer than using my iPod touch (or a larger one also known as the iPad).

  • I have added the unofficial Facebook extension, which allows me to access my wall, inbox, news feed, and notifications.
  • Google Mail Checker Plus gives me notifications of when I have new messages and gives me a preview.
  • Weather Forecast allows me to see the weather outside.
  • There’s even an unofficial Mashable extension that lets me know when a new story has posted, also allowing me to Digg, tweet, and share on Facebook.

More evidence that lead me to believe that my netbook is the prime suspect in this case:

  • Flash10 is available! One of the things that will never appear on an iPad
  • A full on keyboard that I can type on (no need for sticky finger prints on the screen)
  • Amazon‘s free Kindle app for PC turns my netbook into an e-reader as well
  • Cool Twitter apps like Twhirl by Seesmic don’t clutter my screen
  • The ability to change my theme with customizable desktop backgrounds never gets old
  • Webcam for real use of Skype
  • More portable in my eyes. I throw it in my purse all the time and since I can close it, I don’t fear the screen getting cracked or scratched

You can also turn your netbook into a better-than-your-iPad tablet with simple steps like installing the right programs and getting cool extensions with Google Chrome. I’m convinced that I no longer need the oversized iPod Touch, no matter how cool Steve Jobs may make it seem.

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