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Certified: Do You Need a Certificate in Social Media or Internet Marketing?

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I have asked myself this question on numerous occasions and I have decided a few things about the situation. I have done some research on the different programs available and whether or not the experience or the certification would be relevant to my career.

I have been in touch with someone from the University of San Francisco about their Master Certificate in Internet Marketing as well as their classes in advanced courses in social media, e-mail marketing, and affiliate marketing. I was highly considering this program but a few things kept me from committing to it:

  1. The Price Tag: The cost of the programs were pretty expensive and they didn’t accept financial aid, only the Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan. As a college student, I am trying to avoid debt, not go into it.
  2. The Relevance: I have asked myself, and others, over and over if a certification in these categories would even be worth my time and money.

I asked my boss yesterday if she thought that it would be helpful, and she did not hesitate to say no. Now keep in mind, this is technically an internship I’m doing here, even though I’m working hard to become a full time employee in the future. I would want to do internet/social media marketing, as I’m doing now. And my supervisor said it’s not going to do much for my resume or my portfolio. This was definitely a shock for me, so I continued my journey to find the answer.

I looked on LinkedIn Answers and found a similar question with similar answers. The certification means little to nothing in this field. Since people learn this industry by doing, which is how I’ve learned, and since it’s constantly changing, it really wouldn’t make much since to get certified; I’d still need provide examples of results.

One answer I read on LinkedIn in particular said that technically you can start your own certification company and become certified that way. I’m all about doing things independently so this really attracted me, so I did my research. I looked up certification and there’s things where you can do 1 days classes and be considered “certified”.

This research, as well as the conversations I’ve had with other influential adults in my life has lead me to craft my own project where I not only learn, but teach others the ins and outs of internet marketing, personal branding, online public relations, etc. I will be crafting this class through LG Mass Media’s upcoming property, Refresh*ed, which is an innovative learning solution. I talked to my pastor to possibly offer the class to my church congregation, mostly toward the young adults under 23.

I’m excited about this revelation and looking forward to learning by doing. Sure, this is going to be hard, and it’s be nice to learn from a “professional” but why spit out thousands of dollars (even hundreds) for something I can teach myself?

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  1. Jim

    termakasih infonya, sangat bermanfaat , Adriana

    October 11, 2015 at 5:18 am

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