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10 Things We Hate About Facebook

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Yes, our beloved social networking website has been all the rage recently, either exciting or pissing off the public. Let’s review a list of 10 things we hate about Facebook.

  1. High school reunion: A lot of us wanted to leave our high school past behind us, but Facebook allows us to be found by the very people we chose to forget.
  2. Everyone is on it: Not necessarily everyone, but more and more family members are joining. I’m friends with my parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins. Defeats the purpose of a family reunion.
  3. Easier to be stalked: If someone knows you name and what you look like, they’ll pretty much find you on the website. If you’re not careful, they’ll know your every move.
  4. They are constantly changing: Just when you get used to the user interface, someone goes and switches it up all over again, which then leads to pissed of status updates saying “WTF Facebook?!”
  5. Dear Diary: Some people use Facebook as their public diary. They see it as a platform to post every single thing they encounter in their waking moments. We hate it.
  6. Photo albums: Some moments you would love to remain private, but you sign on and see that you’ve been tagged in 50 embarrassing photos from the night before.
  7. Those darn apps: Farmville, Mafia Wars and the likes have taken over our news feed. I used to be an addict, but stopped when I realized I had better things to do than to tend to my virtual chickens or earn money illegally in other countries. Other people haven’t quite gotten the hint yet and still ask us if we want to be their neighbor. No.
  8. Happy birthday: It’s hard to judge who’s really your friend or not because Facebook reminds everyone your birthday is coming up. Time to come up with a new test.
  9. Relationship killer: Facebook will ruin your relationship in a variety of ways (separate post coming soon.)
  10. Shh! It’s private: Well not for Facebook. I personally haven’t had an issue as far as their privacy policy; I’ve made the necessary changes in my settings so that you can’t see much except my name and profile photo when you’re not my friend. Other people, however, have been throwing a fitful rage and demand that something be done.

Yes, we’re addicted to it. We made that quite obvious once Facebook surpassed Google. Google has been bitterly acquiring companies ever since. But the relationship with our favorite social network has to be love/hate. We can’t live with it and we’re proving we can’t live without it.

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