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3 Things to Save on Your Computer

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In light of the recent flood in Tennessee, I’ve realized there are so many things that you can potentially lose if something was to happen to your home. It could be a flood or even a fire. In an instant, some of your most precious things could be gone forever. Here are 5 things that I think you should save on your computer and keep on an external hard drive, then kept in a safe deposit box so you won’t lose them forever:

  1. Pictures: This could essentially take a whole weekend, but break out the old photo albums and start preserving your memories. Scan every single photo and keep it saved on your external hard drive. Pictures can easily be destroyed with fire or water. It’s always nice to have spares. Also works great when you need more copies.
  2. Important Documents: Yes, scan all of your important documents. This could also reduce clutter in your home if you don’t need the original copy. Scanning important documents and then tagging them on your computer can make it easy to find with a simple search. No need to scan the things that are public record and you can get a copy of. Another good tip is to go paperless with bills, that way you have no need to keep the papers and file them in the first place.
  3. Videos: There are different types of technologies you can use to convert those home videos and preserve them on your computer. Best Buy and RadioShack may be the places to go to find those cords and programs.

Short list but definitely something a lot of people wish they would have done once a natural disaster hits their home.

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