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8 Things You Can Get Done Using Your Smart Phone on the Exercise Bike

Work and Work Out

As I’m pedaling away on my 5th mile on this 24 Hour Fitness exercise bike, I’m not only sweating, I’m getting things done. I sat too far away to see the score of the Hawks vs. Magic game, so I decided to get to work (yes, even after work).

Blackberry charged from being plugged up most of the day and Jay-Z workout playlist in rotation via iPod Touch, here’s some cool things you can do while stationary (but working hard) at the gym:

1. Reply to e-mails: If you’re like most working Americans these days, you’re constantly plugged in and synced. Respond to those e-mails you have flags next to. You’ve got the time.

2. Send an instant message: Yes, I mean to that friend you always send “sry @ work” to when they want to ask how your life has been since you all last chatted. Go ahead and hit them up and tell them what’s been up.

3. Tweet your heart out: Whether you’re retweeting, supporting a cause through hashtagging, replying to your @mentions or reading through your timeline, you officially have the time.

4. Facebook stalk: We’ve all done it so lose the shame or the innocent “I don’t do that” look. Relax, it’s your workout. Check out recently tagged photos or poke your favorite person. Better yet, go “like” those crazy Facebook fan pages.

5. Text your buddies: Tell them to join you on your quest for the hot beach bod. I’m sure you know a hand full who can bare to join you for that cycling class you’ve been dying to try (the lazy need not apply for this class. 1 word: INTENSE!)

6. Catch up on Podcasts: You subscribed to so many and didn’t have the time for it. Now you have time. What have those Standford professors been saying about social media in those iTunes U podcasts?

7. Check out the cutie across the room: No need to be coy. He/she is probably looking at you too. 😉 No need for a phone here unless you plan on sharing a photo using TweetPhoto, Facebook mobile, or Flickr.

8. YouTube your own exercise video: Unless you have permission, be extremely slick about who you catch on camera.

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