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Talk 140 To Me: Twitter Chats Get Cool Points

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Remember when AOL was the king of chatrooms? Everyone would gather to talk about similar interests, whether it be video games, TV shows, or hobbies. Some people have even found love in chatrooms, while others have found lasting networks and job opportunities. Those were the good ol’ days. Well, the good ol’ days are back with a makeover. People are now gathering again, but making their talks relevant, more public, short, sweet, and to the point.

Twitter chats are the new and improved version of connecting with like minded individuals. You’re in the social sphere, and maybe you want to find people who are into food and its preparation. There’s a chat for that. Actually, there’s a chat for just about anything you can think of. There’s a comprehensive list of different topics and their scheduled timing and it’s constantly being updated.

One cool thing about Twitter chat is that it makes people get straight to the point. Sure, there’s TwitLonger for those long winded folks who just have to get every single word in edgewise, but the 140 character limit allows people to express their opinion in SparkNote form. You ask a question, you get an answer. None of those useless explanations. You get straight to the juicy stuff, which is what I like.

Twitter chats are handled with #hashtags. You get to tune in to what you want to know by following a certain #hashtag. For example, if I’m trying to participate in the #journchat, I’d tweet something like “How has social media changed journalism for the better? #journchat”. If someone has the answer, they’ll tweet me back. Applications like TweetDeck make it easy to keep track of my favorite chats, in case someone asks/answers a question that is of interest to me.

Mashable came up with a how-to of starting and running a successful Twitter chat which I’m studying. I want to start a Twitter chat soon, moderated by me and other interested individuals (topic and schedule coming soon). It takes out the hassle of people not being able to access your chat because they’re not near a computer because Twitter can be accessed via mobile apps.

Twitter chat gets your name/face out there with possible professionals in the topic, allows for networking, could get you on someone’s Twitter list if you have enough knowledge on the subject. It’s a good way to learn, teach, network, and promote. 2 thumbs up for Twitter chats.

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