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iPad vs. Netbook: The Great Debate

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I have owned a netbook for a year now. It was definitely one of those “OMG I need this gadget” sort of things. As an avid techy, I definitely considered getting an iPad, but I’m trying to think if it’s worth it if I already have a netbook. Here are some features I compared:

Operating Systems: My netbook is an HP and runs on Windows Vista. The iPad obviously works via Apple‘s iPhone OS or something similar (true techies, please don’t crucify me for not knowing). I’ve been on Windows since 95, even though I’ve delved on Macs before. Comfort gives the netbook a point here.

Typing: One of the reasons I didn’t get an iPhone. I type a lot and touch screen doesn’t always work with me, even though my fingers aren’t too big. Lack of typos deems the netbook a winner in this category.

Apps: iPad is truly a giant iPhone, giving it access to all the coolest apps. Even though I have an iPod touch, there’s so many cool apps that would probably be cooler on the iPad. Netbooks can get software, but the RAM isn’t the same and will slow it down. 1 point to the iPad.

Size: In this case, size matters. Unfortunately, they’re about the same size. I easily fit my netbook into my purses, and I’m sure I can do the same with the iPad. I’d just be scared of it scratching or cracking, even if I found a case. Same can happen with my netbook though. This one is a draw.

What IS that? Curiosity┬ákilled the cat and will definitely kill your productivity. I went through this when I first got my netbook. Everyone would say “oh my gosh, that’s such a tiny computer!” It’d died down since a lot more people are getting them, but since the iPad is the shiny new thing, it would be a repeat all over again. Since I have things to do and less time for distractions, I’m going to give this one to the netbook.

Wifi vs. 3G: Yes, I can get a MiFi but I don’t have one yet. There’s the option of a WiFi iPad or a 3G iPad. I’m going to give this one to the iPad because there’s nothing extra you have to plug in to make it work everywhere.

Software: I need my Microsoft Office. Sure you can buy Pages and the other programs you need for iPad but somehow I don’t see myself doing spreadsheets with my fingers.

Obviously this could be slightly biased because I already have a netbook, but even with the results showing that the iPad lost, something inside me still wants one. I have a netbook and an iPod Touch, but I still want one. Maybe it’s the Apple spell.

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One response

  1. My wife gave in before I did and bought me one for Christmas. Like you I love my Netbook and have done for about 2 years. But within hours I am looking at magazines subscriptions as I think the iPad will be a perfect reading tool. It is certainly going to make travelling more fun when I don’t intend to do any work except the odd email.

    December 27, 2010 at 10:23 am

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