A young woman's journey to create a media company.

Social Media Takeover

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Now that I have a job that pays me to do what I was sitting at home doing for free previously, it has given me more perspective into the social media world.

I have realized that social media is not only its own world but taking over ours as well. No longer is there truly a second life. Our digital nation has become reality with a few integrations.

Facebook now has a universal “like” button which has been integrated in over 50,000 websites already since F8. Twitter is still the social network of choice when it comes to our government leaders. People are checking in to FourSquare no matter where they are. LivingSocial is dominating the way we shop and save money. Now LinkedIn is allowing us to follow companies and brands, which will definitely keep us up to date in the jobs aspect.

Some people are still in heavy resistance, but they should understand that this is the wave of the new world now. Inbound marketing is proving to be more effective than outbound, and a lot less expensive too. Social media is in some ways making life a little easier and in some cases more efficient.

People did the same thing with cell phones and now more than half of the global population has one. There are billions of people involved in social media. It may evolve over time, but it is definitely here to stay.

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