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Microwave Blogging – 5 Places to Get Quick Content

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I have worked with several companies on social media marketing. Some already had established blogs and others didn’t even know where to begin. With most of these companies, their blogs were put on the back burner while they agonized over why their site wasn’t generating server crippling traffic. I have hammered into their brains that content on the company blog, as well as setting up a deathly loyal system would get them the results they were looking for. I sometimes got the “you don’t know nothing” look or the “that’s not what I want you to do” speech.

I have done enough research to know that content is just a file clean up away. Depending on the industry, your home as well as your office could be oozing with content for your blog. People won’t come if you have nothing to talk about. It’s not enough to update every month, but some feel like they don’t have enough juice to update every day. Here are 5 places to get quick content.

  1. Old textbooks: If you’re in a full time position at your company, most likely you have gone to college and have obtained your degree. If you’re older than me, then most likely you did not rent your textbooks and pre-Amazon you did not sell them either. Old textbooks from your upper division courses are dying to be used again. Flip through those introductory chapters and blog about the stuff that actually stuck in your brain, like tips on making it in your industry or interesting practices from back in the day. People love compare & contrast pieces.
  2. Employee handbooks: Remember those thick tree-killing packets you got the first day on the job? Well if you’re still on the job, break that baby out and put it to good use. A lot of the stuff is corny so spice it up a little bit.
  3. News outlets: No matter what industry you’re in, it’s in the news. Whether it be on television, national publications, or your local newspaper, someone is talking about the type of things you do. You have a voice; voice your opinion after stating the facts. Think of your blog as a chip-&-dip (what us young folks call a social gathering sans gyration, more conversation based mixed with snack consumption). Talk to the people like they’re people, not your next paycheck (even if they might be.)
  4. Personal stories: I’m not saying write your autobiography on the blog because 9 times out of 10, people are dying not to hear it. Take a funny story that happened to you and turn it into a post. For example, I can turn my misfortune of my first and last day at a position and turn it into a post titled “10 Crazy Things That Can Happen to You on Your First Day”. (coming soon by the way)
  5. Other cool blogs: Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying¬†plagiarize¬†(if I had a dime every time I’ve heard that word since middle school…). Definitely give props where props are due, but also add your spin and 2 pennies in along with it. I took someone’s cool blog post, linked to it, and gave my own reasoning for his bulleted list. It’s a two way street with a win win situation.

Tell your boss you’re on it and you have content for days if not weeks. Tell him/her leave it up to you. Utilize them as well as your coworkers for embarrassing stories or hilarious incidences where you can capitalize off their embarrassment (with their consent of course). Content is really only a blink away.

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