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10 Crazy Things That Can Happen to You on Your First Day

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I’m young, but I have had many first days. Going to school since I was 5 weeks old and having double digit number of internships, first days are definitely something I’m familiar with. In fact, today is my first day at a new job. Last Monday, I started, and ended, a position where I endured the craziest first day ever. It was to the point where I thought I was on a TV show or something; it was so ridiculous all I could do was chuckle to myself.

Here are 10 crazy things that can happen to you on your first day of work:

  1. You show up too early: This has happened to me so many times. I’m naturally an insomniac so when I get pre-first day jitters, I tend not to go into deep sleep, waking up before my alarm, getting ready too fast, not hitting traffic (of all the days…), and arriving at least an hour early. I then tend to kill the time in my car, running down the battery on both my PT Cruiser and my Blackberry.
  2. You wear the wrong shoes to work: I’ve had this happen to me, but it was my first day of cheer practice. I walk around my house in either flip flops or house shoes. If I’m ready and dressed, it is easy for me to walk out the house with the wrong shoes on (I almost did it again the other day). There would be nothing more embarrassing than showing up in slippers.
  3. You rip your pants: Unfortunately, this has happened to me too many times. Thankfully, none of the times were at work and none of the times were on my first day, but it has happened. One of the worst sounds is fabric tearing.
  4. Your supervisor or coworker has BO: My sense of smell is pretty sensitive. I don’t fare well with strange odors, and I pick up on it pretty quickly. It’s worse when people try to make things more personal on your first day, so they stand or hover close to you. This happened to me last week; I couldn’t breathe.
  5. You find out your job title is a fancy name for “personal assistant”: So you respond on Craigslist to an ad about a job that sounds perfect to you only to find out you’re reading someone’s 800 unread e-mails and replying with things like “Grandma loves you”. Funny, not fun. Yes, it happened last week.
  6. You forget your lunch money: Sort of elementary right? Wrong! There have been plenty of times where I’ve switched purses without grabbing my wallet, and I don’t realize it until I go to pay for something. So I realize not only am I broke, but I’ve been riding around without a license unknowingly.
  7. You find out an ex or enemy works there: For some reason, we all tend to believe that our exes or former friends / forever enemies are not smart enough to get the jobs we get. Oh how the color can drain from your face once you find out the person you dread seeing is someone you have to see on a daily basis.
  8. Your supervisor is fired: AWKWARD! It can happen though. Who has time to train you? Who do you report to? Where do you stand? Do you sit? Do you apologize? Do you ask what happened? What are you to do?
  9. Your phone rings: And you forget to put it on silent. You either have an embarrassing ringtone blaring “it’s your mother, pick up the phone sweetie” from your mom, or you have a completely inappropriate for the office ringtone to alert you your friend or significant other is calling.
  10. You show up a day early: Even worse than showing up an hour early, you’re either there when no one is expecting you, or you show up when the company is closed. All that tossing and turning, tongue-searing coffee, and uncomfortable shoes for nothing.

Some of these are more probable to happen than others while some are also bizarre. How would you handle each particular situation? What would you do?

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