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My Favorite Things – 10 Apps I Use

iPod Touch home screen
Image by magerleagues via Flickr

We are fully immersed in the digital age, where there’s an app for that everywhere you go with everything you use. Here are 10 of my favorite apps, on my computer, iPod Touch, and Blackberry.

  1. Tweetdeck: I use Tweetdeck on my computer for my personal Twitter account. I keep track of what my friends and favorite celebs are tweeting about, as well as keep track of the Twitter accounts I manage through one of my lists. I also use Tweetdeck on my iPod Touch.
  2. Chipotle: I am a Chipotle fiend! When I’m at home or somewhere with wifi and crave a Steak Burrito Bowl, I can order from the app on my iPod Touch, tell them when I’ll be there, and my food will be waiting for me upon arrival.
  3. Ubertwitter: When I’m not at home to use my Tweetdeck, UberTwitter is my tweeting drug of choice. I love the new design, it makes it easy to stalk, I mean follow, people. I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s the best Blackberry Twitter client. (I don’t really like Twitter for Blackberry & TweetGenius is only a free trial).
  4. Foursquare: Even though I’m pretty new to Foursquare, I’m really enjoying it on my Blackberry. I get to allow people to know where I go and what I’m doing there. I recently became the mayor or New York & Company at the Cerritos Mall.
  5. Pandora: Music is the narration of my life. I can access it on my laptop when I get tired of my iTunes and on my Blackberry where I need music on the go.
  6. Tumblr: I use Tumblr to write my personal blog that also serves as my gratitude journal. The interface on the Blackberry is so simple and it’s just like using it on the computer.
  7. Yelp: I’m a self-proclaimed Foodie; I love food and I trust the opinion of other Foodies. Yelp on my Blackberry lets me find a close place that can satisfy my cravings, including the address and directions. It’s a stomach saver.
  8. Mashable: Mashable is one of my favorite websites in case you haven’t noticed. Their app on my iPod Touch keeps my up to date on the latest social media and technology news if I’m away from my RSS feed from Microsoft Outlook.
  9. CoTweet: I manage quite a few social networking profiles, and I believe CoTweet is my favorite app to use on my computer to manage them all. Not only can you assign tweets and keep track of keywords, it makes it so much easier to schedule tweets, respond to questions, and become active within the community.
  10. Facebook: I’m constantly on Facebook, but I must say the app is much smoother on my iPod Touch; I hate the app on my Blackberry and usually use Facebook mobile. The iPhone version of Facebook makes the experience fun again. It also gives you access to Facebook pages.

If you haven’t experienced any of these apps, try them out. These aren’t necessarily in order, but they are definitely 10 of my favorites.

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