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Top 10 Favorite Facebook Fan Pages Pt. 2

Last week, I started part one of this series that will end when I stop becoming a fan of random Facebook fan page. Welcome to part two:

  1. I’d rather do nothing at your house than at mine I tell this to my boyfriend all the time. For some reason, it’s more fun to do nothing at his house.
  2. When I was your age, we had Kenan And Kel. Not Drake and Josh. I don’t really care for these Drake and Josh kids, but Kenan and Kel were not to be missed on Saturday nights on Nickelodeon.
  3. Gurrrl, I will CUT you One of the funnier skits from Saturday Night Live.
  4. ♫And were the three best friends that anyone can have♫ Two words: The Hangover.
  5. 121 Things A TRUE 90s Kid Knows May re-do this with my own flavor for a future blog post.
  6. FML Because everyone has those moments.
  7. im just gonna rest my eyes while they text back….*next morning* dammit!! We’ve all done it.
  8. If you tailgate me, I will intentionally slow down to piss you off. Once again, we’ve all done it.
  9. I stay up late every night, and realize it’s a bad idea every morning. A group for true insomniacs such as myself.
  10. That Moment of joy when you see your food coming in a restaurant The word for that is euphoria.

* disclaimer: 7-10 are pages my best friend is a fan of, but I still agree with.

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