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5 Things That Will Keep NFL Draft Picks Out of Hot Water

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Congratulations to all of the NFL First Round Draft picks. If you were like any other sports fan, you were either watching ESPN or getting updates via Twitter on which favorite college players were going pro. Some teams made great decisions, while others were questionable (Jaguar’s pass up Tebow? Get real!). All in all, these young men are coming out of college into the “real world”, or, at least, as real as they can get as a professional athlete.

I want to give these guys some good tips on staying out of trouble as they journey into the NFL. I don’t want anyone to end up like my former crush Michael Vick, poor old Ben Roethlisberger, or even doing shenanigans like changing their last name to what you think is the Spanish translation of your number (I’ll never get over that Chad).

  1. Be careful who you allow in your house: Once you’re in the public eye, you are the company you keep. Guilty by association is huge in the sports and entertainment industry. It’s time to truly evaluate who your real friends are and who you’re taking with you to the top.
  2. Become a bar; ask for ID: I’m sure you guys all know how big the groupie industry is, and it only gets rougher in the pros. Not all, but some females are looking for a quick buck and a guy dumb enough to give it to her. Don’t trust her word; card a female before proceeding with any conversation further from “Hello”.
  3. Be modest: Yes, you’ve now made a career from doing something you love. Do not blow your money! Be mindful and save. I don’t care what house your mom has engraved in your mind to buy her, what Tiffany ring your girlfriend picked out, or what wazoo cousins are coming out the woodwork with their hand out. Manage your money wisely.
  4. Stay educated: Always know what is going on. For those of you who did not go on to your senior year of college, make arrangements to go back. Injuries happen and they are sometimes career ending. You don’t want to be known as the dumb bum at 7-eleven who used to play professional football.
  5. Utilize social networking etiquette: Like I said, the world is watching. As if Facebook and Twitter wasn’t public enough already, you’re about to be flooded with random friend requests and you may get a fan page or two in your honor. Be sure that whatever you’re personally linked to has no questionable material. The commissioner, your new city’s fans, and your teammates will not let you off the hook lightly.

If you guys take just these few things into consideration, you will definitely make it in the NFL. I’m sure you got a kick out of playing as yourself on video games before; you’re about to be on Madden! Congratulations, good luck, and be smart about your decisions.

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