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4 Reasons LA is the Best Place to Live Socially

Downtown Los Angeles
Image by Mulling it Over via Flickr

I’m from the Los Angeles area. I live only 15 minutes from Downtown LA, I’m a true Laker fan, and ┬ájust an Angelino through and through. I think the only other place that halfway compares to living in LA is living in New York, and even then, (I may be biased) we are still the best place to live, period. Our sunny weather isn’t the only reason LA is number one. We rock socially as well. Here are 4 reasons Los Angeles is the place to be if you’re involved in social media.

  1. We have food trucks: I think everyone has food trucks, but does your city have a food truck lot? Can you follow your favorite food trucks like the Buttermilk Truck, Frysmith, or Kogi BBQ? We have the ability to find food on wheels just by checking our Twitter. Check out my ever growing list of food trucks on Twitter.
  2. We play Foursquare hard: Location based services are cooler here because we have such a variety of places participating. There’s a Starbucks every 2 miles or so, no matter where you check-in someone is a mayor, and we have a pretty comprehensive list of things to explore.
  3. Tweet tweet: Most of our news outlets have promoted their news anchors and reporters are on Twitter. As if we can’t get enough news at home, we have news on the go. My favorites are the great people of the Fox 11 Morning News and Good Day LA.
  4. Nightlife is just a search away: Los Angeles and Hollywood are epic party locations. There’s a club or party every night of the week. You never have to be bored because there are celebrities constantly coming out here to party with the “beautiful people”. LA promoters go hard on Facebook and Twitter, sending out evites for every event.

These are just a few reasons why Los Angeles is the best place to live, but you can’t deny that this is socially the best place to be. If you can’t relocate out here (which I don’t blame you because it’s a high cost of living here, but hey, it’s all I know), at least make plans to come visit. We have so much to offer you. Who needs a travel agent when you have a laptop, cell phone, and social media at your fingertips.

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