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Don’t Talk to Me: 5 Reasons Why I Prefer E-mail over Phone

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As I mentioned, I am 19 years old. I grew up with ever growing technology. With the steady growth of technology came the ability to change the way I communicate. I have been using instant messaging and e-mail since I was 9 years old. Yes, I had my teen years where I was glued to the house phone, then you wouldn’t see me without having my cell phone glued to my ear. Since then, some things have definitely changed. I rarely give out my house phone number unless it’s required on an application. I only use my cell phone to call my family and my boyfriend. Even my boyfriend and I use instant messaging to communicate, as do I and my best friend. The point is, technology has spoiled me.

As I broke into the working world, I realized that many employers and professionals in general prefer phone conversations. ┬áDon’t get me wrong; I can understand why. This is how they grew up. They believe business should not be conducted online. Sure, people can misunderstand your tone through e-mail (which has happened to me several times, including recently), but unfortunately, I don’t feel the same way. Here are 5 reasons why I prefer e-mail over phone:

  1. It allows me to multitask: Many of the above mentioned professionals are older than me at least by 10 years, which is not a problem. The point is, they grew up in a different age. My generation uses the digital tools to multitask, therefore, increasing efficiency.
  2. It allows me to control my emotions: I’m still young, and I still have some growing up to do, so I realize sometimes I allow my emotions to get the best of me. If someone says something I don’t like, I tend to react. To keep myself in check, I prefer e-mail because it lets me say what I have to say, and cool down if someone says something I don’t like or appreciate.
  3. Phone conversations = dead space: I have been on several conference calls where there’s a lot of dead space. People don’t know what to say, there’s a lot of hesitation, and people just don’t speak up. This, to me, seems like a waste of time (mine and theirs) and makes the conversation extremely awkward.
  4. E-mail is more portable: Yes, I e-mail from my Blackberry, but no matter what phone service you have, there are some dead areas. I would hate for a call to drop on an important client or my supervisor. Plus, I have a better ability to walk and text than walk and talk on the phone for some reason.
  5. I type faster than I talk: I type 92 words per minute, which, once again, frees up more time. Talking on the phone requires me to slow down, and I’m pretty fast natured.

Some of these reasons I’m sure aren’t good enough for many people, but it’s just who I am. As more business professionals become people who are my age, times will have to change and conform. I’m not saying they have to do what I say at all; I understand they’re the superior. All I’m saying is I wish people would keep an open mind, especially when dealing with younger people. It’d be nice to keep us in our comfort zone occasionally. Yes, some situations e-mail should be banned, but when it’s not that serious, allow us to get to your inbox.

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