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Today’s Useful and Interesting Information

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Image via CrunchBase

Here’s a few articles that I found useful in today’s research. Spoiler alert: many of my links go to Mashable. News is news nonetheless. I’m open to getting my sources elsewhere 🙂

12 Ways To Get Inbound Links Using Social Media

Key Questions to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy

Connecting to Everything You Care About

Why the Library of Congress cares about archiving our tweets

Mountain Dew Releases 3 Fan-Created Flavors

How Recruiters are Using Social Media for Real Results

Microsoft Launches Social Media Platform for Politicians

Dunkin Donuts Reveals Top 12 Fan-Created Donuts

HOW TO: Reignite Your Business Network Online

EXCLUSIVE: David After the Dentist Part II [VIDEO]

Ning: Failures, Lessons and Six Alternatives

Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Be an Early Adopter Brand

9 Ways to Do Good With 5 Minutes or $25

Twitter and the Library of Congress: 140 Characters of Evidence?

Twazzup Launches Insights and Reader

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