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Top 10 Favorite Facebook Fan Pages Pt. 1

This will be the first part of a series that may not have an ending. Everyone has friends that add ridiculous, yet relevant, Facebook fan pages. Most of the time you don’t usually interact, but you agree with the title of the page. Here’s 10 of my favorite ones:

  1. I stare inside the fridge but never get anything. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember.
  2. I can have fun without getting wasted or high. One of them more recent pages I’ve joined. I don’t smoke or drink so it was quite appropriate.
  3. *WE WASNT COOL IN HIGH SCHOOL., SO WHY YOU TRYNA ADD ME ? It could’ve definitely been worded differently, but there’s so many people I went to high school with that request me, and I can’t help but think “have we ever uttered 2 words to each other?”
  4. That little thinking session you have before you go to sleep at night A daily task in fact.
  5. When You Make No Sense At All , But Your Best Friend Completely Understands My best friend completely gets me, no matter what language I speak.
  6. “Is there gonna be food?” “Yeah” “Ok then i’m coming.” A little harsh, but this is definitely a factor for a lot of events I consider attending.
  7. When I was your age, we had to blow on the video games to make them work. Kids these days have it easy. Discs? Yeah, try cartridges.
  8. My First Or Last Name Will Constantly Be Spelled Or Pronounced Wrong I’m extremely passionate about this one. My name is pronounced “bree-ah-nuh” and, to my irritation, people always call me “bree-anne-nuh”.
  9. Shut up, The World Won’t End in 2012. It simply can’t because I have things to do after 2012. The calendar ended; so what? Maybe the people got tired of keeping track. Sounds too much like the year 2000. 10 years later, and nothing!
  10. Teachers call it Cheating, We call it Teamwork 🙂 Students simply see it as a collaboration. 🙂

Stay tuned for more of my favorites.

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