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5 Substitute Uses for Your Computer

Computers are no longer scarce. In fact, just about everyone has computers. Even my 17 month old nephew has a laptop (not a real one, a V-Tech, but you get my point). People can use these nifty devices we hate to love for a variety of other reasons besides cyber stalking exes and snooping on current love interests. Here are 5 substitute uses for your computer:

  1. Television: If you’re like me, you’re rarely home. When you are home, you’re buried in work and curse to yourself when you find out Grey’s Anatomy only has 15 minutes left. No need to stress over series recordings on your DVR or TiVo. Hulu, Fancast, and station networks now allow you to catch up on episodes you missed.
  2. Telephone: Cell phones are just about the primary means of communication, but no one wants to waste Anytime minutes on your boss or your mom. Skype and ooVoo allow you to make and receive those pressing calls for cheap, so you don’t have to raise your phone bill.
  3. Shopping: If you’re like most people, you waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping. A lot of shelves were empty, parking was a nightmare, and the people probably made you claustrophobic. Online shopping is definitely the best way to go. From entertainment, to clothes, even your groceries, everything can be purchased online and shipped to your door.
  4. Bill Pay: If you bank online, most likely your bank has the option of online bill pay. Stop wasting 40 something cents on a stamp and get your bills paid on time. Also, transfer all of your statements to paperless, and save the environment!
  5. School: This option isn’t for everyone, but more educational options, including certificates, bachelor degrees and master degrees are available by attending class online. San Diego State University recently opened a virtual campus via SecondLife.

Someone would say computers are making us lazier, but it’s actually just making things a lot more convenient and less stressful.

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