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4 Reasons You Should Friend Your Parents Online

As a college student and young adult, I hear a lot of my friends freaking out when their parents request to friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I’ve been there and done that. My step-dad follows me on Twitter, and I’m friends with my mom, dad, and step-mom on Facebook. My step-grandma is also my friend on Facebook as well as my aunt, uncle, and older siblings (my younger sister and I follow each other and she just joined Facebook). It’s really not that bad if you know how to handle it correctly.

Here are 4 reasons you should friend your parents online.

1. Show them you’re alive: This definitely goes for those of you who no longer live with your parents. No matter how old you are, parents worry. Skype them occasionally, “like” their status, or send them a shout out tweet.

2. Reminisce about the good ol’ days: Parents are starting to finally get computer savvy. Once they get a scanner, they tend to dust off those old photo albums and scan every picture in sight. It’s sometimes nice to see those pictures of you with your 2 front teeth missing.

3. Because they’re lonely: Depending on how old your parents are, they more than likely won’t have as many friends as you do. My parents are still relatively young and in their 40s, so they’re connecting with former classmates from high school, but they’re not connecting to every single person that went to school with them like I am (I’ve reached over 800 friends!) Give them a boost and at least be a plus 1.

4. Show you have nothing to hide: Even if you do, privacy settings are wonderful. If you’re a party animal and have numerous pictures with the infamous red party cups (I’ve noticed they’re starting to come in blue now), mastering beer pong and dancing with random strangers, you can set those albums with specific privacy settings. My trip to Santa Barbara for Halloween is viewable only to my friends, with the exception of those in the “Adults” category. This category includes my parents, older family members, and former teachers.

It’s not that hard to become friends with your family. Parents gobble it up when you let them in to your personal life. They don’t have to know about that trip to Cabo for spring break when you told them you’d be studying for midterms. Prove to them that you care and you haven’t forgotten about them.

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