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Top 10 Ways Tiger Woods Can Seek Revenge on His Groupies via Social Media

Tiger Woods
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Everybody knows about Tiger Woods and the scandal he was caught in around Thanksgiving time this past year. As much as I’m tired of hearing about Tiger, and wish the media would leave him alone, I also want to help him seek revenge on the groupies who snitched on him in the first place. Tiger, allow me to give you 10 ways social media can work in your favor of getting back on those fame thirsty women.

1. MySpace: Sure, no one gets on anymore (hyperbole much?) except for musicians and comedians. Use them to your advantage. Have your famous friends in the music industry put out anti-groupie songs, and send your comedian friends some dirt and have them do a roast piece on each and every one of them.

2. Facebook: Now since Facebook has community fan pages, start your own and see how many people want to be fans of “Tiger Groupies Get No Love”. Afraid people won’t join? Come on; my friend just became a fan of *incoming call* *ignore* “Hey i just called you.” “Oh i didn’t get it.” If anything, I’ll join!

3. Twitter: Just about every news outlet is on Twitter now. Tweet the embarrassing details like who had bad breath and who had strange shaped toes. You may think it’s harmless, but girls can’t stand it.

4. LinkedIn: Give bad recommendations on their LinkedIn profile, granted they have one. Unfortunately, with your choice of women, it may not be in their best interest to have one, but hey, no one will hire them.

5. YouTube: I know you have and have utilized a digital camera or camera phone. Take a tour of their “homes” and show people just how dirty they really are! Videos go viral pretty quickly.

6. Flickr: Use some of the clean pictures you have of them and post them. Make sure they’re not cute in the slightest. How about baby pictures or childhood obesity photos?

7. UStream: 3 words: Punk’d UStream style!

8. Podcasts: Do a weekly podcast with their mothers. Nothing’s worse than a mother’s disappointment.

9. Yelp: Create profiles for them just to give them bad reviews.

10. Blog: Create your own blog with your own top 10 reasons why you hate every single one of them!

Good luck, and be sure to link back.

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