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And We’re Mobile!

Second generation iPod Touch.
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Just about everyone has cell phones, besides the reluctantly individuals who fear “the man” knowing their every whereabouts. Nowadays, people want to share their whereabouts on a constant basis. Companies need to catch up.

Cell phones are glued to our hips, if not our hands or our ears. Remember the days of the brick phones? We are evolving almost daily. We’re getting phones that do everything for us except breathe (I won’t be surprised if that’s soon to come). Companies can easily capitalize on this evolution.

First, realize the top 3 phone markets to cater to: iPhone, Blackberry, and Androids. Try to focus on these three markets first, as they represent the majority of the people using mobile the most.

Next, go for a mobile optimized website. If you work 12+ hours a day and are never home like me, you still have things you need to do online. If someone sees your ad, and wants to know more, but you have a super fancy website that can’t be viewed on a phone, you potentially lost a customer. Take the time to make a website that is easy viewed and simple to navigate on a smart phone.

Apps are huge and here to stay. App stores are constantly getting submissions and people are eating it up. I have apps on my Blackberry and my iPod Touch. Once you have a mobile website, make an app! It can be strictly informational, but try to get some interactivity going. When you have an app, people have your brand at their disposal. Once again, content is key.

If your company is based on customer service, consider getting an instant message handle. Set some time where someone can answer questions via MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype, Google Buzz, wherever your customers are. They’ll appreciate being able to talk to you when they have a question, and may not be able to speak on the phone.

Just yesterday, I went to the Subway by my house, and found that you can now text in your order before you come in and pick it up. It’s truly all about convenience. In a world where everyone is busy and no one quite has the time like they used to, going mobile simply means catering to your busy customer.

Sure, Facebook has a mobile application and website, but sometimes it’s harder to get to Fan pages. Twitter clients are on just about every phone, but they may need more information and communication. Cater to your market. They’re mobile, so you should be too!

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