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Facebook Pages: What Companies Don’t Get

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I manage more than a handful of Facebook pages, and have viewed hundreds more. Companies are so quick to run to Facebook to get to their target demographic, only to expect people to flock to them with little to no effort. I finally found an article that summed what they need to do up in a nutshell.

  1. Advertise your page: Companies seem to think that once you get into social media, you throw everything else you learned in school by the wayside. That’s not the case. You still have to get the word out. Word of mouth only goes so far. Add the link to your Facebook page to your e-mail signature, website and business card at the very least.
  2. Blast out a direct invitation: When you were a kid and did candy sale fundraisers, who did you solicit first? Family and friends. Facebook fan pages are no different. Send an e-mail to your contacts asking that they become a fan of your fan page. After that, ask them to spread the word.
  3. Build your Facebook brand: Any related marketing material pertaining to your brand, add your Facebook page link to it. Make sure you make it easy to remember, in case someone doesn’t have the material on hand. Simplicity is key.
  4. Share lots of company information: People will be on Facebook a lot longer than your website. If they come to your page and can’t find info on your company, they’ll be on to the next one. Fill in those fields about your company so people can know who they’re dealing with.
  5. Create a landing page with a call to action: Anyone can make a Facebook fan page. Make yours stand out with a FBML custom tab/landing page that gets your fans to do something. A call to action could be anything such as subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed to doing something pertaining to a possible campaign you’re running.
  6. Scream your web address: In the end, you want traffic to come back to your website. Your Facebook fan page should just be an extension, not the prime focus. Make sure you have links back to the mothership.
  7. Add plenty of content: People want to be engaged. Give them what they came there for. Provide relevant pictures, videos, status updates, interactive quizzes or polls, etc. You want them coming back for more, not just visiting once.
  8. Push offers, events, and more: You know that friend you have that knows everything going on? The one who has all the sales deals and the other one who knows of all the parties? Be that company on Facebook. Provide offers and events, even make them exclusive to your fans. Incentives always work.
  9. Do some “direct marketing”: Once you get the fans, keep them there! Talk to them, see what they’re thinking, strike up a conversation.
  10. Solicit e-mail subscribers: People usually have their e-mails synced with their phone. More people have e-mail on demand rather than Facebook Mobile. Get them to subscribe to your mailing list to always stay in the loop.
  11. Research your fan base: Take the time to see who your fans really are. Facebook gives pretty good analytics on demographics. Do a little “stalking” and find out what your fans like, don’t like, and are looking for. After you narrow it down, start providing!
  12. Research your competition: Let’s face it; there’s little monopolies and usually always competition. Find out what yours is doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and work a strategy around it.
  13. Take advantage of every feature: Facebook fan pages have so much to offer. Research and find what will work best for your company and use it to your advantage.

Why companies find this so hard is beyond me. You have to input some blood, sweat and tears to make your company relevant online. Everyone can do it nowadays; make it worthwhile.

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